Emergence: the process of coming into being, or of becoming important or prominent. (to oneself, work, family, and community)

The Mission of The Emergent Web

What does a connection focused more on user controls than controlling the user mean? It means the world wide web is a collection of pages, posts, and media files under the centralized control of ISP’s, content providers, and ad networks wielding influence over what we see, watch, hear, and read. The web has become a closed broadcast network to monetize our awareness by optimizing our experiences for convenience over depth of engagement. A reality increasingly affecting our experiences as we continue to move more of our information from standalone applications on our desktops to the connected cloud and mobile devices.

An Emergent Web is the use of communication technologies to reverse this trend by connecting individual users through a decentralized, read/writeable, collaborative, filterable, open, and verifiable approach to narrowcast ideas and capabilities between creators and consumers of information outside the influence of ISP’s and content providers.

The purpose of EmergentWeb.org is to

Create an awareness of the threats found in the current web and the opportunities found in a more personal, resonant, and emergent web.

Build an improvement community to identify, fund and build emergent technologies to drive this new web through proof of use.

Establish a consultancy to align social venture capital/social impact investment with innovators to help build  these technologies into government, business, educational, scientific, and personal applications.

What would an Emergent Web look like?


A decentralized web where users have control over the information they create, consume, and share outside the control of the network and content providers.


A readable and writable web where every piece of information created or consumed can be read or edited based on permissions without the restriction of formats.


A collaborative web where anyone with permissions can highlight, annotate, or bookmark words or passages in written, visual, or audio form to share collections of ideas by text, email, social posts, web embeds, or object embeds in VR/AR.


A filterable web where users can filter out or filter in information best speaking to their interests, situations, and capabilities.


An open web where information can flow directly between creators and consumers outside the authority of content providers and the network.


A verifiable web where information shared and consumed carries data on origination, modification, author background, and sources verifying and denouncing claims.


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